Property Owners

Greendoor provides a comprehensive service to ensure that payments are collected efficiently and the money is spent wisely to ensure the smooth running of your development. Greendoor not only ensure efficient services today, but also protects the future value of your property. Some of the comprehensive range of services that we offer are described below. Please do get in touch with us to see how we can make your life easier, residents life more enjoyable and owners investments more profitable.


  • E-mail Monthly Update of progress to the Board of Management.
  • Issue at least three notices / letters requested by Management Committee throughout the year
  • Prepare an Annual Newsletter and send to Owners with the Annual Service Charge Invoice.
  • Regularly examine the cost of services and suggest on savings, which may be made.
  • Attend to telephone queries and correspondence from owners, contractors and trades people.
  • Organise the renewal of the Block Insurance Premium annually.

Site Services

  • Compile a work schedule for Janitor/Caretaker and check progress.
  • Work to be executed - gather estimates, present to the Board of Directors if necessary, appoint contractors, obtain insurance documents, observe progress, ensure satisfactory completion, receive and pay invoices.
  • Arrange for independent conractors to do essential services not covered by a maintenance contract and ensure that work is completed to a level of satisfaction.
  • If required, engage the services of expert professional advisors by agreement with the Board of Management and if authorised to do so, obtain competitive estimates and liaise with contractors carrying out these works.
  • Communicate with parties regularly engaged such as locksmiths and alarm specialists, ground maintenance contractors and others to ensure the development is maintained to a high standard.
  • Deal with violations of House Rules and Car Park regulations, and any queries from Owner/Residents.

Financial Management

  • Provide periodical financial information [hard or soft copies] to assist the Directors and committee members on future project expenditure.
  • Liaise with client’s Auditors in relation to the Annual Accounts.
  • Send to all members the annual Audited Accounts for the AGM by post.
  • Arrange for the attendance of Auditor at AGM/EGM if required.
  • Approval and Payment of Creditors Invoices.
  • Annual preparation of Service Charge Budgets.
  • Service Charge Accounting: invoice annually, collect and record all service charges payable by owners.
  • Issue regular reminders in the event of non-payment of service charges due and liaise with company Solicitors regarding collection of debt.
  • Provide a customised database to provide up-to-date information on the client’s Service Charge Accounts and provide information on request for all members in arrears.
  • Payment of Wages / Dealing with PAYE and PRSI where applicable.
  • Dealing with Inspector of Taxes and Collector General where applicable.
  • Processing Insurance claims.
  • Preparing Requisitions of Title on point of sale.

Further Services

  • Project Management on new works and renovations.
  • Recruitment and Administration of Management Company employees such as cleaners if required.
  • Offer 24 Hour 365 Day Emergency Service.
  • Providing Company Secretarial Service.

Emergency Services

  •  Emergencies relating to internal and external common areas and services.
  •  Respond to vandalism, Front Door damage, glass repairs.
  •  Gate Control system faults.
  •  Security risks.
  •  Fire alarm system faults.
  •  Water Leaks and Water Pump Faults.
  •  Electrical Faults to lighting and essential services.
  •  Lift failure [residents may contact Lift Company Directly.
  •  Storm damage, flooding.
  •  Defects.

General Management

  •  Meetings: attend quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors.
  •  Report on general daily issues and present financial statements.
  •  Attend the Management Company’s AGM and all EGM’s.

Greendoor Property Management - COVID-19 Statement

2019 collection

At Greendoor Property Management we take the outbreak of COVID-19 very seriously. Our main priority at this time is to look after the health & wellbeing of our thousands of residents, our contractors, sub-contractors, office & retail tenants and direct staff. As such we are advising everyone to keep up to date with, and follow, the advice of the HSE and WHO in dealing with this issue. See link to the HSE website:

It is up to everyone to play their part in helping to stop the speed of this virus. We have increased cleaning in all of our developments at all door handles, lifts, intercoms, keypads and anywhere else which is used frequently by the public. However, users of our buildings will still need to be vigilant and take all necessary precautions.

All our staff have the ability to work remotely and meetings can be held via conference call or postponed. No staff will be permitted to hold face to face meetings for the time being. We are on hand to deal with all issues as normal but, in order to limit contact with people, we will prioritize emergencies in the first instance. Any non-essential items will be dealt with when it is safe to do so.

Lastly we want to thank everyone for their support. If you are living in one of our developments, are vulnerable and need assistance, please contact us and we will make every effort to help!